Dude, Where’s My Toothpaste?

It’s Monday morning.

Yesterday was a long day. A beautiful day, but long, tiring, and not quite the way I’d envisioned it going down. Sometimes words are my sword and sometimes they tie me up and take turns whacking me with a dangling participle or an Oxford comma. That’s okay, I was planning to go for a run this morning. That will clear my head, set my week up right.


The snooze button got in my way several times.

Like five.

Snooze buttons are notoriously effective in the lane and quite capable of boxing out sleepy opponents on defense. They also have killer jumpers from anywhere in the paint. So, running is out. But that’s not a problem. Tomorrow will be just as good.

Up now, morning routines to be tended. Clothes. Wait, are these clean? Cold now, but warm this afternoon. Take the sweatshirt and leave the cannoli. No time for a second cup of coffee. Other groggy family members are stirring. The day begins with grumpiness all around. Late bedtimes are not good on school nights. Mother warned us about that. Oh well, no take-backs now.

Lunch is packed, but then I notice the fresh sandwich I bought at the grocery store yesterday morning for lunch today. Unpack the lunch kit. Repack. Check for wallet, spectacles, keys, watch. Who am I kidding? I don’t wear a watch! Which is probably why I’m running late. That and that devious snooze button!

(Sidenote: Did the person responsible for creating the snooze button ever consider the implications of delivering something so evil unto the world? How can we NOT succumb? Self-control? Pshaw! Not when 10 more minutes of semi-sleep is the push of a button away!!)

So it goes. Let’s get some perspective. Things could be worse. Some people don’t have a job or people to love or food or homes or beds or alarm clocks. I’ve been blessed beyond belief. It’s just one of those days. It’s not even Monday’s fault. Could’ve happened to any day of the week.

Now I’m out the door with kisses and “I love yous.” In the car, what’s that yellow light on the dash? Oh yeah, tank is on E. Gas station. Traffic. Half way to work, mulling plans to be written and projects to be rearranged and it hits me like a typo in the middle of that brand new book I just got by that author I really love.

I forgot to brush my teeth!


I laugh and laugh.

I wonder what to do for a second and then remember that I have a fresh pack of gum, (the kind 4 out of 5 dentists prefer), in my pocket. Good enough. I know it isn’t a popular notion, but sometimes good enough is all you have.


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