Fragile. Fragile is this existence.

Life is fragile. It’s something we hear often. It is muttered so often that it is almost trite. A cliche. But it isn’t a cliche. Life on Earth and, in particular, the human condition is a delicate proposition. We are so strong, but we can also be gone in mere seconds. Imagine the suffering humans have endured across the ages. How have we even survived? And yet, every day, everywhere, there are meaningless deaths. Women, men, the old, the young, children, the bad and the good erased without cause or concern from the Universe. How can it be? Tragedy strikes all of us. Eventually. Sometimes all at once. Sometimes in a trickle. The result is the same:

We grew a bit more aware of the impermanence of life.

Religions are built around this concept. Wars have been fought for the right to determine whose path to salvation is correct. Mystics and saints seem to have the key. Some seem to defy Death altogether. But let’s be honest, no one can avoid it forever. Our world religions make assurances that it doesn’t matter, that there is more beyond the Veil. That doesn’t change a thing, though.

The irreplaceable NOW is lost when Death comes to call. All that we have and experience will be dust. Our long-term belief structure and faith doesn’t really come into play except in our acceptance of the inevitable, (if afforded the gift of time to come to terms with it). It is what it is. We are saved or we are not, but in dying we are all, finally and completely equalized. We go into the ether from whence we came.

And the living? We are stunned. We are distraught. Bereft. Adrift. Stoic.

Some among us may knowingly nod and extend our sympathies to the bereaved, comfortable, superior even, in our own knowledge of Nirvana or Valhalla or a Savior and life-everlasting. But it still doesn’t compensate for the reality that we are so fallible. We are so easily broken. It does not make me ask why as much as exclaim: Damn it!!

Life is a precious thing and we are so very lucky to experience all that this cosmic plane has to offer. Let us take it upon ourselves to wring out the most from our numbered days. Let us spread a little more love around so that we cushion the blow for others.


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