Why the Farmers Insurance Commercial Guy Nailed It

That’s J.K. Simmons. Best Supporting Actor Academy Award winner, J.K. Simmons, yes I know his name.

In the season of awards shows, J.K. Simmons just nailed his speech, right out of the chute. First award, first winner, first one to speak universal truth. The entertainment industry is as big a machine as any other corporate endeavor, but occasionally the members of that exclusive community “keep it one hundred,” as Larry Wilmore is fond of saying.

J.K Simmons gave a very sincere and humble speech. He is, after all, a sincere, capable actor who has been around seemingly for centuries. It shouldn’t be surprising that he didn’t spend time reiterating the same formulaic acceptance speech that is usually so common. He spent his moment in the Hollywood sun talking about his family. He spent time showing gratitude for his wife and children. He didn’t thank agents and producers and the runners-up, or corporate entities, he made a specific point of expressing gratitude for what matters most. Truly.

And then, J.K. Simmons implored the millions of eyes and ears listening in to call their moms and dads to express true gratitude for the life they have been given. Pretty cool.

Find his speech online to see for yourself and then “call your parents!”


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