There are miracles and lucky portents and mystical moments in the universe. And there are coincidences.

Lately, I’ve been feeling uninspired and unable to find anything worth writing about except total and complete rage. I’m good. Don’t worry, but there’ve been a number of moments recently that have made me feel like I want to lay waste to the environs before me on principle alone. I don’t, and I won’t, lose it, but in my head I can imagine great calamities befalling the fools who cross me. Yet, it just doesn’t seem fun to write about all the things I hate about everything, including myself, when I know in just a few minutes it will be over and whatever was annoying me will be history. I’ll move on. Maybe.

So, it interesting that I just logged on to the ol’ WordPress Society and saw not one, but two different posts about writing, about getting it out there, about erasing self-doubt. Coincidence? Maybe. Sure, one post quoted Sylvia Plath and look how that turned out, but still…

I’m feeling better. As Lawrence Welk once said, “There are good days and bad days, and this is one of them.”

Hey, speaking of Lawrence Welk, did you know the accordion was patented on a Friday the 13th in 1854? Today is Friday the 13th. Coincidence?



One thought on “Coincidentally

  1. I just love my friend Scott Semple. Please never doubt your amazing abilities Semple! I am always and forever in awe of his many , many talents. His musical talents are beyond my reach but I really envy his writing talent . I “get” everything he writes. Semple, you are for sure one of the most admired people in my world! Please keep writing!

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