The Importance of Being Taco

I wanna be like Taco. Taco MacArthur, first name unknown.

You don’t know Taco? You don’t know what you’re missing!

Taco is a character on the hilariously, uproariously savage, and raunchy TV series The League played by French-Canadian actor/rapper/comic-ninja, Jon LaJoie. It’s a show about a fantasy football league and it is gross, mean, twisted, and absolutely laugh-out-loud-’til-your-sides-hurt funny.

And Taco is my hero.

He is dim. He is chronically, ahem, “enhanced.” He is like a cute/stupid little puppy who piddles on the floor every time he sees you. He has an inexplicable aversion to using traditional building entrances. He is a trash picker. He has questionable morals. He’s a ladies man. He isn’t concerned with learning someone’s actual given name. He has traveled the world with virtually zero baggage. (Is that a metaphor for Taco or what?) Taco was, and may still be, a Middle-Eastern television soap star. He’s also a prolific musician with an endless supply of ready-made, innuendo-laden, and wildly inappropriate songs. I want to be friends with Taco, partly out of pity, partly out of love, and a little bit because he is a secret genius. He’s like a master Taoist teacher. Like, if Winnie the Pooh was a real dude, that’s Taco! He goes with the flow and seems unfazed with how the universe might treat him next.

Man, Taco, how do you do it!?

He is an idea man, yet unconcerned with how any of his ideas may come to fruition. He just puts his joy out into the world and is unconcerned to with the results. Oh to be like Taco!

Maybe I envy Taco because he is untroubled, unbent by the burdens of the world, and totally at peace with his lot in life. He is a kind-hearted soul. Whatever it is, Taco is the man! Sure, he lives in a dilapidated hovel and he doesn’t really have a job beyond creating cellphone ring tones, but he’s happy. Taco is really and truly content just to be on the Earth. We should all be so lucky.

¡Viva lo Taco!


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