Ocean swells are mighty and powerful, yet in between lie the troughs, weak, impotent, forgotten, but without them the waves would be powerless.

When you are stuck in the trough, trapped between waves, (metaphorically speaking), it’s hard to appreciate the ups & downs of the natural world. I’m in a slump. Haven’t really written much. It’s just a slump, I know it. It happens. I will be back to surfing the curling waves of my creativity in time.

It is wonderful to dream of a world where family, writing, and work coexist. I can long for boundless energy and inspiration, but the reality is quite the opposite. I take what I can get. It’s my own fault. I spread myself too thin and this is what I get. Bits and pieces.

When I was younger and driven by a solitary passion for music, it was easy to keep on track,(sort of). In time I came to realize that there is more to life. I want to do other things. I CAN do it all, but in that statement, I must also accept the fact that things move more slowly when you choose to parcel out your time.

I have turned my back on negativity, though. Instead, I have spent my time doing what writing masters have always prescribed for inspiration and motivation: I have been reading.

Since November I have read a number of books, including some nonfiction. The highlights include The Phantom Tollbooth and the Harry Potter series, which I started three weeks ago.

I have seen the first few Harry Potter movies, but I had never read the books. (I know, welcome to 1998, Semple!) I finished the 6th book yesterday and I am excited to finish The Deathly Hallows this coming week. These books are old news, but they really are fun and I have enjoyed being able to immerse myself in this world all at once. It’s just what I needed.


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