Seventeen Days

My novel is currently 35,000 words long. My NaNoWriMo indicator says I am 70% of the way toward my goal. Seventeen days of writing. I’m almost there.

It seems incredible to me. I have being writing for a few decades, in fits and starts, but I have never been able to sustain the daily habit. Maybe I should. Maybe I should stop wishing I had the time and just make the time. Clearly, I can find the time. This every day thing has been amazing. I know I can’t think about it right now, but I wonder how I will feel when it’s all over. Will I be able to sustain the practice?

I think I should.

I will.

It just takes planning and focus.

I must admit, this is the most well-planned, thought out, preconceived novel I’ve ever attempted. I put in a lot up front. Usually, I have an idea and I just sort of dig in, letting my muse take me where it feels I should go. Then my muse goes on vacation and I get stuck. I stop. “I’m just taking some time away,” I tell myself. I find other things to distract me and suck up my time. For this NaNoWriMo novel though, I started thinking about my story and the characters long before I typed the first word.

I have to believe that’s what makes the difference. That, and the fact that the old muse isn’t going out-of-town until the end of December!

I have written word after word this month. Every single day. My story seems to be falling into place with each new sunrise. I was stymied these last few days, like I’d painted myself into a corner, but then I remembered that I can just paint a doorway in the wall and I’m good to go! The big finale is coming. I can see it, like a runner in a long-distance race being able to see the finish line off in the distance, (not that I ever ran track, but I like the image).

It won’t be long and this challenge will be conquered. Not only that, but I think my story has something going for it too. That’s the other amazing part. It feels surreal that my novel actually makes sense. I had visions of losing my mind before I started and just writing “I can’t do this” a million times. Yet, it is flowing. My characters are living and I am anxious to see how it turns out, even though I sort of already know! (Although, you never really know until you let your fingers start rapping on the keys.) It may not be remotely perfect right now, but with a lot of work, perhaps this story will be readable one day. Ha, ha!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, please. I should really get back to work.


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