Wildly Off Topic

It’s time to go back to work.

I know this because I was doing some work from home in preparation for my return tomorrow when I got sucked into the Ripa vortex. Summer is still raging outside, but it’s time get my teacher on, so I was sitting in the kitchen with the Today Show droning on about Olympics and “healthy meals” when the Live with Kelly show began. Now, I am not a fan, but I’m not a hater, really. It’s just not my thing. I have seen the show on many occasions throughout my life, usually when I was home sick as a kid and there was nothing else on in pre-cable days of bore. It was a distraction from my illness. Regis was annoying, but I have to say that without him the show lacks a little verve.

So, imagine my surprise and inability to tear myself away when Ms. Ripa introduced her guest host, a contest winner with his own YouTube show, Michael Buckley. This guy was like Regis, but different in many unique ways. I don’t know what the producers of the show have planned, but Mr. Buckley was funny, engaging, erratic, and a little bit over the top. In other words, he is in possession of a personality that would serve the Live institution well. Besides, who doesn’t love the story of an ordinary person plucked from obscurity and thrust into the spotlight?

I know this isn’t necessarily my usual type of post, but I feel that it’s worth saying. Michael Buckley is funny and if Live won’t hire him someone should. I thought I should put that out there.


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