Envy the Ostrich

Ostrich do not really bury their heads in the sand, I know that, but it would be nice if we could perform that mythical behavior sometimes, wouldn’t it?

According to a number of experts, including those at the San Diego Zoo, ostrich will run from danger if given a chance. Heck, they can run faster than most city street speed limits, so if need be they can bolt. Besides, they can also take care of business if they want to. With those enormous bodies, hard heads, and muscular extremities, they can do some serious damage if they wish. Yet, if they are stuck and unable to use their powerful legs as nature intended, apparently they kind of plop down on the ground and lay their heads and necks out in front of them in an effort to hide. From afar, the result is that it kind of looks like their heads disappear into the earth. Interesting, but sort of a let down, huh?

It seems that the old cartoon image of big, dumb birds thrusting their heads into the ground in the face of imminent danger is all wrong. Bogus, right? I mean, can you believe that the biased, simplistic vision of the world portrayed in cartoons from the 50’s and 60’s is incorrect? Inconceivable! Do you feel duped? Me too!

Enough science, it doesn’t make me feel any better. We’ve been weathering some storms around here lately. I guess I’m just looking for a way to cope. One storm after another is rolling in our direction. I can see them coming. I know what’s in store and there’s nothing I can do but wait.

Our nephew, Broxton, passed away last week. He was 2 and a half. The dark clouds swallowed us whole. I’m still soaking wet. Now my father is in the hospital. He has too many health conditions to discuss here, but it isn’t going well. Just as the skies seemed to be clearing, another dark and dreadful weather system has appeared on the horizon. These things happen, I know. There’s worse things. I just feel like I could use a break. Like all of us could use a break.

So, after waking up to the news on the radio this morning I feel like it is necessary to petition media leaders everywhere to lighten up occasionally. Instead of listing all the terrible things that happened overnight, all the awful things humans do to each other, all the ups and downs of the economy and market turmoil, maybe there could be a few minutes of positive reporting. It could kind of be the opposite of what happens in George Orwell’s 1984.


Good morning! Here’s your minute of positivity. The sun rose this morning, just as it is expected to rise for the next 2 billion years. Nice, right? Thousands of children are being born right now. Their newborn eyes will gaze upon the adoring faces of parents immune to misery. And by the way, somehow disease, ALL disease, has miraculously been eradicated overnight. People are working. Businesses are prospering. Teacher pay has increased 100%. Students no longer have to fill in little bubbles to demonstrate their knowledge, but merely have a conversation with a proctor. Sure, it takes longer, but aren’t our children worth it? Many animal species are suddenly on the rise. The lists for extinction are now obsolete. In warzones all over the world combatants are putting down their weapons and stepping across enemy lines to embrace each other in the common love of humanity. The governments of the world are ACTUALLY trying to solve problems. Oh, and quick, look at you windows, there should be a rainbow arching across the sky as I speak. You’re welcome. Have an excellent day!

That’s not how it works, though. So, I’m back to the ostrich. I want to bury my head. I know that it’s impossible, but it would be nice for just a few minutes. I guess, if I was to be serious for a moment, (is that possible?), I do  have my own ways to avoid danger and sorrow. I can write. I can work in the yard. I can play some music. I can hug my family or just stare at my children and watch them play.

Ah, that’s better.


6 thoughts on “Envy the Ostrich

  1. Thinking of you all at this time. Our sympathy on your loss. We are sending hugs your way! Please hug your dad for me and give him our love. And know I’m thinking of you and am here for you any time! Much love!

    • Well, thanks. It’s funny, I know this blog is out in the world of cyberspace, but it always surprises me when I hear from anyone, let alone cool cousins like you!

  2. Scott, talked to your mom this evening and heard all the sad news. Kelly and I are thinking about you guys and praying for your dad. Please know our thoughts are with you all. I’ve definately been there, wanting to be the ostrich. The good news is the clouds eventually break and the sun does shine. Lots of Love. Kathy

  3. Scott- My dad and Kathy just told me about what was happening in your life. I am sorry that it is so difficult for you and your family right now. Wish we were closer, so we could be there in person to help or just provide moral support. I will pray for you dad and of course for your nephew’s family. Please let us know if we can lighten your load in any way.

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