Ups and Downs

It never ceases to amaze me, life’s ups & downs.

There are times when you feel on top of the world. And then there are times when it feels like the world is on top of you. I swear, just yesterday, it was raining gold and now it’s raining something brown and grusome.

Just a few minutes ago I got a call. You know the call. The one you hate getting. In retrospect you can always swear that the ringer tone was just a bit ominous. Like you should have known better than to answer. Like if only you’d let it go to voicemail everything would be dandy.

It doesn’t quite work like that though, huh? Either way the bad news comes. You’re never ready. You’re never set. All you can do is face it and round up the gumption to get through it and hope that whatever is on the other side is a little bit golden. It doesn’t feel like it right now.

Some days are golden. Some days are dark as the night…


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