The Decline of Decline

OK, Chicken Little, get ready ’cause I’m coming for you!

We are in trouble. That’s word on the street, anyway. It’s the word in just about every medium around. Newspapers and their big, black headlines full of despair and distressing tidbits of information; The radio, public or incendiary, with hosts ranging from earnest and forlorn to the belligerent loudmouths shouting down their opponents as they decry the state of everything; TV anchors and their guests beaming in live-via-satellite know the score, their moist eyes and down-turned mouths say it all; And the Internet, well I think we know the score there, don’t we?

It’s a lousy time for Earthlings. Don’t believe me? Have you checked your Mayan calendar recently?

Kids today know too much about video games and not enough about math or science. Housing is down. Unemployment is up. Politics is off the rails. Education has let us all down. The price of bread has me considering giving grains up for Lent. There’s not a person around who doesn’t seem to be in a flat-spin over something. We seem to be falling at terminal velocity and the ground is approaching with alarming speed.

Well, I say the heck with that!

Come on people, we’ve survived eons of lions and tigers, plagues and Ice Ages. We have survived because we humans have a little thing called instinct that makes us grab ahold of Fate and bend it to our own will. Certainly, that trait has gotten a little out of hand at times, (see also WW I, WW II, Global Warming, Pop Stars), but overall our human instincts have served us well when we focus. When we have focused on the road ahead, pulling ourselves up from the swamps and conflicts and Depressions and Recessions we have done pretty well. We can do it again.

Here’s how to manifest the decline of decline.


Stop lamenting the end of all that is good. Stop agreeing that things suck and that we’re worse off than we were at some other point in history. We can’t prevent change and we can’t go back in time. The solution is to press forward and seek solutions. We can beat the doubters. Those who seek to blot out the light so that all is dark and dreary should be shaken to the core by a refutation of their point of view. (Or maybe they should just be shaken like a ragdoll!) We can turn them to the side of good and we can, maybe, finally pitch the worry-warts, Thomases, Chicken Littles, and Negative Nellies onto the mulch pile of history.

I know this takes time. Yet, let us dedicate ourselves to finding the small successes in each day. Let us not be worn down and lulled into sadness by the droning words of doom that assault our ears every waking minute. Try some of the following exercises:

Help a neighbor.

Offer a friendly word.

Pick up some trash.

Drive less.

Eat in more.

Be open to something new.

Give away something old, (you’re never going to use it anyway and besides, someone else may be able to use it).

Do the hard thing first so that you can do the easy thing later when you’re tired!

Through consistent practice and focused determination we can eradicate the gloom and find a brand new groove. At the very least we’ll all feel better. As Sly Stone once sang, “You can make it if you try.”


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