Predictably Resolved

I could start the year by declaring my resolutions to become a better person. I could say that I am going to eat better and exercise more. If I were doing this I would probably say that I want to continue to improve as a father. I should say that I want to try to be a better friend. I could state that I desire to be more careful with my spending. There’s lots that I should and could say about the new year, but I’m just not going to. We all know what happens to resolutions by about midday on January 2nd.

What I am going to do is make some predictions about 2012. (***WARNING: It should be noted that I have no qualifications or psychic ability which makes me remotely sanctioned or qualified to make any sort of prediction about any subject.***)

I will say that I can sense that the new year holds many experiences for us all. I feel that it will be filled with days and months, and hours even. There will be weekdays and weekends. Some will feel longer than others. Guess which ones?

I think there will be Olympians who demonstrate their athletic abilities. There will be a few elections. I think the moon will be full 10 to 12 times, more or less. I believe there is a leap day, so we got that going for us.

Spring will begin in March. Summer will take off around June, (except here in Arizona where I live, when it will begin, oh, sometime today, since it’s almost 80 degrees on this fine New Year’s Day.)

Days will turn to night and vice versa. I am frankly very excited.

People will go to work and return to their homes. I am betting that some people, (heaven knows how), will even move to different homes or jobs. I think sarcasm and snark will continue to be popular, while death and poverty will remain unpopular, even despised. Jesus will die and be resurrected amid chocolate bunnies and be born among elves and reindeer. These are sound predictions and they are sarcastic, Jesus! So smile why don’t you?

I will continue to write things down, which will be written in English words or perhaps in foreign languages which I pretend to know, but really I just Google it. It will be muy awesome, oui? These things I write may go off into the world or they may stay right here on my computer. Either way, I’ll be writing and trying to improve or maybe just driving myself crazy.

Wait, that last bit sounded an awful lot like a resolution, huh?



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