Sunday Satisfaction

The long weekend comes to a close. Thanksgiving, epic as it was, is just a fading memory. In a few hours night will fall and we will all get ready to start another week. It’s a beautiful day, though, so I won’t dwell on that.

The weather is like Spring, but it is definitely Fall because despite the glorious weather outside I am drawn, nay, compelled to sit down in front of the TV for some football for extended periods of time. Can’t help it! It’s just a part of my DNA. I blame my Ohio parents, who brought the addiction to California where they found me and instilled an appreciation for things like sauerkraut, red brick and Buckeyes. Living in Arizona I am glad to be a Cardinals fan, though I assume it’s much like being a Cubs fan. Yet, they beat the Rams today (barely)! So, you see it is a great day!

It’s also a great day because I finally finished the first draft of my dog book. I’m hoping it isn’t a dog of a book, but it is about a dog and his adventures. There is that one brief moment of excitement and satisfaction upon completion. It is a moment that allows a writer to feel like he or she accomplished something grand. For me, I thought back to the conversation I had in late Spring with my mother-in-law when she suggested I write the story. It’s amazing to think that I took her advice and created something out of nothing in that amount of time. (And no, that was not a dig about taking advice from my in-law!)

Then reality comes back to me.

Finishing a first draft is kind of like finishing the first mile of a marathon! It isn’t much of an accomplishment. I have lots of work to do. I will add more and excise even more than that. I will feel like a failure before I’m finished, but then I will find my way back. I will complete a second and third draft… Yep, lots of work to do.

For now I am satisfied. The Cardinals won. I slapped together a series of sentences and found that I kind of like the looks of how they work together. I will allow myself the glory on this fabulous Sunday like a wide-receiver in the end zone. Why not, right? Other people celebrate far less, so I am well in my rights! To paraphrase my son, “Yep, I am.”


4 thoughts on “Sunday Satisfaction

  1. Wait….a new book about dogs!!! I can’t wait to read it! You know how much I loved your first (of many) books. Sorry we never seem to have the time to talk about way more important stuff,like writing books, at work. Puryear

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