Green Eggs and What Did You Say?

My daughter read a book for bedtime last night. Not with me or with my wife, mind you. No. She read to us. An entire book! It’s kind of a big deal because she’s never read a whole book to us, so I was very excited.

Dr. Seuss’ classic Green Eggs & Ham was what she picked and we all settled down on our bed to listen as she demonstrated all the hard work she’s been doing in 1st grade. As a parent, it was one of the coolest moments of my life.

So, she’s reading away and she gets to the part about eating the green eggs and ham in a box. She read the next line about the fox and she paused, her eyes going wide and her expression registering a connection to her real-life experiences, (always a highlight as a teacher!)

“Hey,” she says. “With a fox, just like Fox News!”

“Uh, yeah,” we say, knowing that grandma and grandpa will be pleased, because we certainly don’t leave Fox News playing on our TV all morning.

Well, at least her television news intake is fair and balanced.


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