Clearly, Now I Can See

Johnny Nash was right; blue skies are all I see, but my bad feelings have not disappeared. There’s no sign of storms on the horizon, but my soul feels like Jupiter’s eye.

The desert sun beats down mercilessly. Of course it does, it’s October in Phoenix!

Everything is dying under these dust-tinged blue skies. Oh no, not because the hibernation process is beginning. Uh-uh! It’s the heat. This late in the year everything’s giving up. We desert inhabitants should be used to it, plants & animals alike. Yet, as the sun rises farther and farther south and day-time temperatures hover near 100 degrees, well…it’s unsettling to say the least. It messes with my head.

It feels like a bad omen, this confusion of the senses. You know, like little black rainclouds are coming, prepared to send a downpour my way. I feel like Charlie Brown trying to kick the football. I feel like the last remaining ball-player on the Bad News Bears! Maybe it’s just the way things are in the world right now. Maybe it’s my lack of forward progress. Perhaps, going back to Mr. Nash, I am the obstacle in my own way.

Or maybe I need more fiber.

Anyway, rain would be welcome. I’ve got an umbrella, but I’d probably just get hit by lightning!


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