Research. That’s what I call what I’ve been doing. I have been reading some more middle grade books, I have been tracking down information online and in applicable books regarding my latest writing topic, I’ve been checking in with Dave and Darrell on “Storage Wars,” and I have been thinking really hard upon questions I want to pursue within the confines of the story I’m currently working on. I’ve been working hard.

Really, I have. That’s what I tell myself, but I know better.

I’ve been lazy and it’s got to stop. What I’m trying to figure out is how I can muster the energy and spirit to write. It’s not an excuse, it’s just straight up logistics. I get up early and teach all day and then I want to provide positive, worthwhile interactions with my own children when I get home. By the end of the day my creative reservoir is a little low. So, I cheese out and turn on the TV.

It’s got to stop, at least when “Storage Wars” isn’t on! Of course, reality TV characters are so captavating and their conversations are so mouth-droppingly ridiculous that I consider it research. Research on what? I’m not sure, but it’s got to count for something or I’ve got nothing.


One thought on “Research?

  1. I hear you. I have the same problem and yet I don’t have to come home to children or be creative with the time I need to spend yet Gordon Ramsay, Jeff Probst, Hawaii 5-0 always seem to rope me away from the business that needs to be done. I know you know, but just try to put aside that 30 minute window each day and make it happen. Sorry, Gordon, Jeff, Steve M., I am busy right now but I will get back to you. I know you can do it and sometimes, a bit of time off is what the mind needs anyway to come up with new ideas.

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